Senin, 27 Maret 2017

Dewa Athena , 25 march 2017

Hallo guysss.. I want to retell you my last experienced when SMAN three’S porak.  Dewa Athena is an event that  be held by OSIS SMAN 3 Bandung that purpose for increase spirit and solidarity.Now the race in raced are estafet running, badminton, dodgeball, football, basketball, volley ball,gobak sodor, tarik tambang, and many more.
I joined the race of badminton, with indika also. We were fought at Bangsal Lapangan Bali. Incidentally we were got first number for fought versus class X Mipa 3. We were very nervous and scarred. But I trusted, we were must be! Not long we called by committee for soon to entered the Bangsal.
The raced lasted 2 half. And for the lord blessing we can won the raced! And we go to the next raced of semifinal  fought X Mipa 10. The raced was very fierce. Figures on the scoreboard showed a comparison thin. Indi and I felt very tired because the raced is never end. The game continuing for three round. And we finally won the semifinal and then we can turn the final game on 1 april 2017. Yeaeey we were very very happy for that! Not only that, double boy of my class also won the competition !
Not only badminton, I joined two games too. There are tarik tambang and dodgeball. But when I joined dodgeball game, I had an accident when to get the ball. But my team won the game.  My pinkie injured until twisted and swollen until now. It felt very illL. I cried very loud. Even my pinkie was massaged by carpenter massage who also the green bean porridge. He was selled on the side of Al- Kautsar mosque. He is nice people and his massages made me felt really painfull. But I very gratefull because my pinkie gradually improved though still swollen and turn blue.
My class team X Mipa 2 won some ompetition . there are badminton of girls, badminton of boys, dodgeball of girls and basketball of boys. This event is very crowded and the weather of air is so hot. But I felt very happy because I had new experience.

Thankyou all J

Rabu, 22 Maret 2017

Horizontal :

1. the founder is Issac Newton
13. the anthonym of crowded
14. a really small insect
15. you can see many animal
16. when you are hungry in the middle of jungle, do you want to eat meat. what should you do?
12. in english 'selesai'
5. if you just broke up with your soulmate and you get dperesse, what would you do?
17. before you wash, you should .... your your clothes will be wet.
18. the question of 5w+iH
19. the liquid in your pen
9. something that you can put many goods.
20. something that you can see in arktik.
21. you will say this, if you want to great someone. 

Vertical :
1. the colour of leaf
2. if you went to be healthy. what should you do?
4. what you use tho chew ? 
5. the place that you live in
3. conjution 
6. the thing that fisherman do
7. 12.00 pm is?
8. the synonim of bewildered
9. one of public trans
10. if you feel falling in love, and your crash is still have a relationship with your bestfriend hat should you do

Minggu, 12 Maret 2017


Cika and Ana have been friends since long. Cika tell Ana that she has won the speech english in indonesia . Heard it , Ana directly gave congratulation to Cika .
Cika : “Hai Ana, Have you heard a good news of mine?”
Ana  : “You told me nothing, but let me guess.. hmm wait, wait.. you got a surprise
          from your father?”
Cika  : “You're wrong!”
Ana   : “Hmm, enough, just tell me, dear..”
Cika  : “You know that I had speech contest in Jakarta last week? I have won it!!”
Ana   : “Are you serious? Did you win it? Oh my god, I can't believe it.”
Cika  : “Of course I am..”
Ana   : “Great, Congratulation. You have no idea how happy I am for you!”
Cika   : “Thanks, I appreciate that”
Ana    : “I believe you are the best as always.”
Cika   : “How nice of you to say that.. Now, lets have a lunch on my treat.”
Ana    : “With great pleasure, dear.. “

Senin, 09 Januari 2017

after too tired to learn this semester, I finally vacation!! I spent my vacation at home, because I want to spend my time with sleeping hihihihi. But not only sleep, when to sleep just makes me bored and dizzy, I went to visit a friend's house whose house is very close to me to just play guitar and sing, then I post them on my instagram (@Dheafitrianinh). yaaa it makes me quite happy because I really love to sing. I also tried to learn the guitar at home, but until now I can not play it. But one day I'm sure I can do. Besides my family and I swam into the pool rides famous in Bandung. It feels good to bad, though my father did not come to swim. Perhaps there is an important thing that can not be left behind. But there is an event that is quite stressful at the time, my sister pond drowned, but fortunately I can quickly save. Hmm .. that incident I will never forget. After that my brother and I bought meatballs in Cigadung area because it is very hungry after the swim. Then after I got home, we ate it and it tasted delicious.

On 29th of December, I had my birthday to 16 years old guyss!! It seems just yesterday I was carried away by her mother, but now this big. am very grateful for given the age of 16 this year, hopefully this year,my remedial dwindle Aamiin hehehehe ..
Okeey enough from me, sorry if it offends you.
See you in the story next story guyssss !! I hope your holiday funJ

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2016

The Fish

Nearly 500 million years ago the first fish appeared on the earth
 Classification of Clown fish
      Kingdom         : Animalia
Filum               : Chordata
class                 :

Ordo                : Perciformes
Famili              : Pomacentridae
subfamili         : Amphiprioninae
 Genera            :
Amphiprion Premnas